The primary aim of Spokes CIC is to help young individuals with learning disabilities to be able to find and remain in employment, in the future. So many of them have been told, all of their lives, that they cannot do anything that it is not surprising that they start to believe this!

But they can achieve a lot.

We therefore work on the development of the individuals self esteem, their practical abilities, basic English, maths and computer skills and good social development in working with other people. We see incredible improvements in the young people who come to Spokes - they start to believe in themselves.

In addition to this we:

  • Work with Kidderminster College, running the 'Team Enterprise' course for their LD Group and a 'Route to work' Diploma aimed specifically at improving the employability of these individuals.

  • Work with local Employers, to ensure we focus on what is important to them. Employability is what is vital to this Group!

  • Run bike clubs on the local estates, to help the young people ride safely in the area.

  • Work with the Worcester County Council Road Safety Group, helping local schools or after school clubs with bike supply and maintenance, or run courses to improve the knowledge that their students have of bike maintenance.

  • Work with the local Countryside Officers, with excluded or disadvantaged youngsters, giving them knowledge on bike repair and improvement - a vital part of their lives.

  • All of these aspects involve our individuals with Learning Difficulties - they gain from the interaction with their peer group, who also benefit from the knowledge they receive. It is a powerful tool to use in the community!

  • In addition we rebuild and sell bikes to the public.

  • We also take bikes in for repair and maintenance - with our base of spare parts we can repair most faults!

With these areas of development the young people coming to Spokes can aim to get a 'real life' - something that most people take for granted!